Notes on the biology of Brachyserphus barberi Townes (Hymenoptera: Serphidae), a parasitoid of the fungus beetle Mycetophagus melsheimeri Leconte (Coleoptera: Mycetophagidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Authors:E. R. Hoebeke, Wheeler Q. D.
Journal:J. New York Entomol. Soc.

In northern Florida, Brachyserphus barberi was observed as a solitary internal parasitoid of larvae of Ihe fungus beetle Mycetophagus melsheimeri. Mature larvae of the parasitoid emerge through the intersegmental membrane of the abdomen of the host larva and pupate within about 3 days; adult emergence occurs approximately 6-7 days after pupation. A review of the distribution and biology of the parasitoid and host is provided, and beetle host records of world species of 8rachyserphus are summarized.

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