Beitrag zur Verbreitung europäischer Zehrwespen, vorzugsweise in Südwestdeutschland (Hymenoptera Parasitica: Heloridae und Serphidae). 3. Nachtrag

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:I. Wall
Pagination:161- 180

The present paper includes an interpretation of 5155 Hymenoptera of the families Heloridae and Serphidae which had been collected during the last 16 years (1994-2009).The main point of the output are the catches from a "tent trap" near a compost heap in Southwest of Germany. The genus Helorus and 14 genera of Serphidae including 55 species are treated of in alphabetic succession. Finally there is given a key for the males of genus Exallonyx.

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